ERP software for small business

There are many ERP software’s which are available in India and only a few are yielding results. The ERP which are cheap may not give you as much satisfaction as you expect. The productivity is also enhanced with the use of software that increases the process of accounting and finance department. Enterprise Resource Planning is used for enhancing the processes of the company. All the data can be organised in an systematic manner with the help of ERP.

An efficient ERP system helps to enhance business and productivity with increased customer and sales management. ERP software helps to remove redundancy and improve productivity. ERP can be the savior of your business. All the queries can be resolved through ERP and it facilitates error-free transactions and production. ERP systems connects to the real-time data in different ways. ERP facilitates the power of managing the business. ERP system provides visibility and efficiency in every aspect of the business. A company needs Enterprise Resource Planning to meet the unique needs of the business and speed up the flow of information between departments.

If you ready to use ERP but are unable to decide where to start from and which is the best ERP we will help you to select the right ERP and helps to implement an ERP software. After implementation the ERP will be live soon, and customization can be done according to their needs. ERP helps to increase the time of action to business and makes impromptu decisions with the help of ERP.

The need of ERP is must and can be used as a stabilizer for a company or organization. Now the question arises that which kind of companies use ERP? The answer to this question is that mostly manufacturing industries use ERP who want to manage their daily operations. Those firms who want to balance their flow of materials with purchase demands and market conditions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps to resolve the problems faced in the industry and increase profits and reduce expenses. ERP helps to communicate the information with ease in the department and outside the department in an organization. It enables the company to make effective decisions which can benefit the company. ERP systems when implemented in the right way helps to take timely and reliable decisions.

The main benefit of ERP is that it provides reliable and integrated information of the company which helps to increase productivity and speed. In this reliable software your data is secure and protected from all the phishers, which improves your security and integration. The net profit and loss can also be analysed by using this software and help to increase profit. Enterprise Resource Planning helps the business flourish all over the world and helps to improve the profitability and desirability from the business. Like any open source software, the source code of an open source ERP can be altered and tailored to meet your organization’s business needs and there are generally wide range of integration formats. Changes can be achieved by using a company’s internal programming staff or by external ERP Developers. Even if you have to spend money on custom development for an open source ERP system, it would still be much more cost effective than hiring consultants for commercial ERP solutions.

Cloud ERP is an ERP software which stores data online and can be viewed from anywhere and anytime. Cloud ERP can become the proper planner of your business and will serve as the heartbeat of the business.

How Artificial Intelligence will help to improve the functionality of ERP. ERP which helps to secure data and duplicate data but there are some issues with this software but Artificial Intelligence can enhance its functionality. It will increase productivity and reduce the number of errors that happens due to software error. It also improves the workflows and processes.

The advantages of using ERP can be understood from the following:-

  • ERP is fast and smart– ERP solves all the problems faced by an industry easily and smartly. It has the solution to any query you have to run a business. ERP allows direct marketing of products and services without any intermediaries. The dividends are also increased by using ERP.
  • ERP is reliable– ERP is the software which is reliable and also helps to increase the services of company as the work flow in the departments becomes fast and easier.
  • ERP is flexible– ERP is customizable and can be customized according to the needs of the customers and communication between departments is made flexible.
  • ERP increases productivity– All the data can be accessed from one location and therefore it is easier for the employees to perform day-to-day tasks.
  • ERP improves decision making– ERP helps in decision making and the data available for decision making is accurate and beneficial.
  • ERP reduces operation costs– ERP helps in reducing production and inventory cost. With ERP all the department’s systems are integrated to one system of the company.
  • Manages day to day activity easily– ERP software helps to manages all the day to day activities easily and reduces the overhead costs like IT, power, data storage and bandwidth.
  • ERP is standardized- ERP uses a common standard to run the business which is universal anywhere in the world.  In the very beginning when you are going to implement ERP one must do complete research and analysis before selecting the best ERP.

Benefits of using Enterprise Resource Planning

The benefits of using Enterprise Resource Planning are:-

  1. Automation– The ERP helps to automate the work processes and helps to do each and every transaction with utmost ease.
  2. Reduces time complexity– With the use of an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning system the tasks performed in the work area are done in less time, which ensures better and faster productivity.
  3. Reduces paperwork– With the implementation of ERP, every work process in the organisation goes digital and which includes all the processes from planning to the delivery of the product. It also helps to save paper which ultimately saves the environment and helps to keep it green.
  4. Efficient data Management– Large database helps to manage effectively large amount of data which is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone.
  5. Better monitoring– ERP helps in crucial decision making in the business, the generation and maintenance of reports becomes easy and faster.
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