The Best, Ready-to-Use, Built on deep functionality : The OSMTM Solution for your Success and Satisfaction. OSMTM is the acronym for Operating System for Manufacturing.
G.A.P OSMTM is a Business Management Software offering configurable solutions to common and not so common business problems.

ERP  is passé..... it has now graduated to OSMTM  : Operating System for Manufacturing.

G.A.P OSMTM is an offspring of a DOS based ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning that was in perpetual Beta mode for around 3 decades and has now been born in a new Browser based avatar. It has a unique, validated history of 100% success and has grown wider and wider day by day. We pride that over this span of time, we have found many innovative ways to meet our client's business needs, providing cost effective solutions, shortening agendas, reducing risks, and making the entire business process fun and profitable. OSMTM is short for Operating System for Manufacturing which is far wide and extensive than ERP. OSM's functionalities are not just limited to ERP, there is much more to it. It includes the basic ERP modules like Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory, Payroll, CRM etc. but in addition  also has controls  for Legal Compliance, Data & Knowledge capturing, extensive HRD, ABC ( Activity Based Management ), Product Costing, Operational Efficiency Monitoring, Dynamic Inspection, New Business Development (NBD), APQP & PPAP based, New Product Development (NPD), Product Life Management (PLM) , Calibration & Control of Inspection Equipment, Process Capability Studies, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Integration with Iots and others. 

OSMTM helps you improve :

  • Lack of or poor control on Finances
  • Handling Market demand for Cost reduction
  • Meeting Customers' increasing Quality expectations
  • Meeting Customers' On time Delivery targets
  • Lack of or poor control on Capacity
  • Managing a fast and  'Right First Time'  Product Development
  • Filling the required Skill Gap – Training and Knowledge gathering
  • Change Management
  • Handling Technology
  • Hiring and retaining knowledgeable employees
  • Poor Marketing
  • Legal Compliance
  • Controls on Processes by use of IoTs

Now why OSMTM ?

OSMTM ensures that the various activities that you perform in your industry are organised and systematically planned.

What is the need to use G.A.P OSMTM ?

These videos shows basic G.A.P OSMTM operations.