Very Complex, Very Innovative , but very Simple to use . If organizations can spend less of their time and effort in maintaining day-to-day operations by eliminating complexity through Simplicity,then they could invest more in the organization's growth and future.

Consulting : from Conception to Completion

Starting with a Preliminary Audit to check your  preparedness for ERP implementation ,then helping you identify the G.A.Ps and also guiding you to fill them.

Making a joint understanding as to why you need an OSMTM, Define the Objectives you expect to achieve , and the measurable goals for each objective. We help you understand as to what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) you should expect from the OSM (Operating system for Manufacturing).

Process Management Consulting : It explores to understand that how the processes of the company are related to the strategies of the company, and also examine the existing business processes to understand each business process so that it can be implemented in OSM effectively.

Cloud Services : Enables organizations to develop a Cloud Evaluating strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a reference to the OS implementation.

Information Management Consulting : Helps companies manage huge data available across the organization, integrate with the customer database, plan for maintenance of effective data, and migrate existing data to a new platform.

Improving processes and quality : Facilitates ease in processes and improves the quality of the product to be produced.

Installation Services

G.A.P OSM also add an additional quality to the product, so that it meet the required needs. Our experienced developers have been working for many years and made it an awesome system since these years. They can easily visualize the business and work with you to identify opportunities that create real business value.Implementation Consulting from G.A.P-OSM includes:-

  • Roll-out of OSMTM solution.
  • Change Management.
  • End-user process Manual Preparation and Training.
  • Data Management/Conversion Support.
  • Refresher/recurrent training for users and local support staff to ensure optimal use and best practices operation of the systems.
  • Process Improvement initiatives.

Support Services

IT is a fast growing and dynamic industry that keep making innovations. At G.A.P, we understand this too well. We provide solutions to our clients: in-spite of that we support our client beyond the stage of implementation. G.A.P Operating system for Manufacturing understands your needs and work according to that.

From providing adequate training to support you with exemplary customer service, Gilard Application Programmers OSM ensures that you realize the full potential of the product that you have invested in. Services offered include Online Technical Team Support, Online Self Assisted Support and Offline Support. Additionally, Gilard provides administration support, auxiliary help-desk services, besides supporting upgrades and new releases. Gilard Application Programmers LLP run and manage all the IT applications of its clients, post-implementation.

G.A.P-OSM can do the following things:-

  • Legal Compliance : There are over 30 Govt.Departments that a manufacturing unit has to interact with for Legal Compliance. Each of these departments have to be submitted reports in a specified format. It is very important to identify these departments, the reports required by them, arranging data to fill these reports and ensuring that these reports are submitted on time, every time.
    Not fully meeting the Legal Compliance makes you exposed to legal action and this makes you vulnerable to exploitation by the Inspector Raj.
  • G.A.P-OSM helps you identify all the Legal Compliance requirements and also helps you monitor and complete them on time.
  • OSM is the extended and the larger version of ERP and can be divided into various different modules.

Built with PHP / mySQL , and the most advanced and revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform. G.A.P OSM on Cloud is going to be the most preferred choice for SMEs as it encompasses in-built intelligence and business awareness for your industry.

G.A.P OSM offers Cloud based Service as well as On Site installation which covers the entire gamut of enterprise functions through a suite of products -Production and Planning, Sales Management, Inventory & Warehouse, Purchase Management, Finance & Accounting, Manufacturing Process, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), New Product Development (NPD), HR & Payroll, Quality Management, Document Control, Software Administration.You can decide which solutions you want to use, scale up and add more solutions as your business grows.

G.A.P OSM enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere,which does not need a highly skilled man power to learn, control & master.In fact you never need to be in office. Still it enables multilevel securities to safeguard your data and work. It is a complete Business Management Software, much more than a standard ERP. It elucidates Business and makes it simple to understand, operate & control.