What are the advantages of using ERP?

The advantages of using ERP can be understood from the following:-

  • ERP is fast and smart– ERP solves all the problems faced by an industry easily and smartly. It has the solution to any query you have to run a business. ERP allows direct marketing of products and services without any intermediaries. The dividends are also increased by using ERP.
  • ERP is reliable– ERP is the software which is reliable and also helps to increase the services of company as the work flow in the departments becomes fast and easier.
  • ERP is flexible– ERP is customizable and can be customized according to the needs of the customers and communication between departments is made flexible.
  • ERP increases productivity– All the data can be accessed from one location and therefore it is easier for the employees to perform day-to-day tasks.
  • ERP improves decision making– ERP helps in decision making and the data available for decision making is accurate and beneficial.
  • ERP reduces operation costs– ERP helps in reducing production and inventory cost. With ERP all the department’s systems are integrated to one system of the company.
  • Manages day to day activity easily– ERP software helps to manages all the day to day activities easily and reduces the overhead costs like IT, power, data storage and bandwidth.
  • ERP is standardized- ERP uses a common standard to run the business which is universal anywhere in the world.  In the very beginning when you are going to implement ERP one must do complete research and analysis before selecting the best ERP.

ERP is the descriptor for Enterprise Resource Planning but from the word ERP it is not clear what it indicates and to get into detail what it means and how it can be implemented you need to understand this after a little research by searching the search engines, reading books and other sources. Another source which help you understand the benefits of ERP is ERP system examples. 

GAP OSM is a deeply thought out, intelligent and sophisticated software, it is also very Simple to use.However it demands disciplined implementation and understanding for optimal utilization.
Things that you always wanted to do as a good HRD Company, but didn’t know how to go about it or gave up upon them as too cumbersome and difficult to do.

GAP OSM makes them all possible and more importantly, makes them easy and simple to do. If the organisation is making profit it will have to manage the data of the company which can be done through a software and that managing software is known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

If you are planning to organize your business in a systematic manner then you must implement a system which is yielding results and taking minimal input. The output given by ERP should be maximum and the choice of ERP should depend on the size of the company. All the data is stored online so that the data can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

In the the era of modernization when every company is heading towards technology it will be a drawback for you and you will be lagging behind the growing competition so you must be implemented ERP.

OSM (Operating System for Manufacturing)

OSM is the operating system which enables you to run your business smoothly and efficiently in every aspect of the business. Operating system for Manufacturing increases the functionality and accessibility of the business processes. This operating system does not make your business complex but simplifies business in its own way.

The right to prosper in a business is the right of every person and OSMTM helps you in this it increases profits. Operating system for Manufacturing helps company’s in a unique way of doing business. Operating system for Manufacturing attracts people more. It synchronizes work with achievement. OSM consists of logistics as well as non-logistics part of the industry.

The industry needs a solution that helps it to manage all the processes involved in the industry and integrates all the processes into a single process. GAP is providing open source ERP software which helps to manage the business. Why do manufacturers from different parts of the country demand for ERP so that they can keep their processes integrated which have been diversified. OSM also helps in faster decision making by the management.


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