Industry 4.0 and Machine monitoring

With the machine monitoring system available in the industry  you can use the data for variety of things inside or outside the industry that has been collected automatically. Here are some examples of Industry 4.0 that can be used outside the industry are –

Material Shipment to customer – The customer comes to know exactly how many parts have been produced at any given time and what is the expected date of delivery of the work order.

Material ordering from vendor – The software automatically mails the vendor about the order for raw material, the machine monitoring system tracks the production from the machine. The software updates the data about the availability of raw material, which automatically mails the vendor about the order when the reorder quantity is reached.

Part traceability – Part traceability can also be included in production monitoring system, that can be done on the vendors part who marks each part with a unique serial number carved on its bar code. The serial number of each part is recorded in the software. Suppose if any part is rejected due to raw material defect, its serial number is recorded from the software and we can get the serial number of the parts which are made in the same batch and are checked for the same defect. With which you can track down and replace all parts of the same batch. The vendor also uses this data to fix the issue.

Logistics – The software which is talking to monitoring device can track the location of the truck which is doing shipment of incoming raw material. With the tracking one can know the delays in delivery due to breakdown, traffic jam or accident. The software then estimate the time of arrival of the raw material, and plan the production accordingly. Your customer’s has also access to the same data and they can use this data to know if their order is ready, where it has reached and when it will arrive their destination.

Maintenance – When a machine breaks down, the monitoring system can send email and SMS alert to the person concerned. One can control the spares parts inventory by automatically ordering spare parts for preventive maintenance, based on the condition.

Industry 4.0 components

Industry 4.0 comprises of cyber-physical systems i.e. CPS these are machines which is connected to a computer that is connected to the internet. The machine can be any tool cutting, making textiles, food processing etc. Cyber means related to computers, the computer is an embedded system that controls and monitors the machine. The inputs and outputs are connected to electronics on the machine and its ability to send data to the computer.

Now what is IOT for Industry 4.0 it stands for Internet of Things and Internet is the same old one which we have been using for years but now it has been used by not only people but also things. The things that are included in IOTs are PCMD, attendance machines, manufacturing machines, robots, GAP POMS etc.

Cloud computing in Industry 4.0 : This is done by using a network of servers hosted on the internet that stores, manages and processes data, instead of a local server. A server is powerful, reliable and more has large storage space than a normal PC.

Now the working- The sensor gets the data from the machine and sends this data to the cloud server over the internet. The software takes the data and commands the machine according to that data whether to slow down, stop or speed up, reorders material and do other things. A small size industry can also implement Industry 4.0 to go into digitization. There is no constrain for any industry whether it is small, medium or large they can implement Industry 4.0. Digitization helps to automize the work processes in the industry. All the data is made available in real-time and can not be tempered with.

Does Industry 4.0 comprises of manual machines?

Yes Industry 4.0 uses manual machines as the data is recorded from the machine and sent to the software, if there is no involvement of manual machines then from where you can collect data and display in the software so it is very essential to have manual machines. Industry 4.0  collects data from the manual machines using sensors and displays it on the software which is GAPOSM i.e. Operating System for Manufacturing.

The sensors can measure parameters like temperature, current, speed, etc. and these parameters depend on the machine which parameters it can measure and if the sensor is mounted on the machine then it measures the parameter you want and displays it on the screen.

The software displays the data in any form it can be done as per the customer needs. It includes any machine that can be tracked with sensors and there is no machine which cannot be tracked with sensors, so Industry 4.0 can include any machine. All the data which is recorded by the sensors are represented in different forms in the software, it can be a graphical view, can be displayed in table view or can show the data as one wishes to see. All the manufacturing industries which have moved towards industry 4.0 have automated all their work processes.

Industry 4.0 is the trend for data exchange in the manufacturing industries. There are four principles of design for Industry 4.0 and these principles help to support companies to identify and implement Industry 4.0:-

  • Interoperability– Its the ability of sensors, machines, devices and people to communicate with each other through Internet of Things (Iot).
  • Transparency of Information– Its the ability of information systems to create a virtual copy of physical world.
  • Technical Assistance– The ability of the assistance systems helps to make quick decisions and solves urgent problems on short notice.
  • Decentralized decisions– Cyber physical systems has the ability to make decisions and perform tasks on their own.

Smart Factory 4.0

Smart Factory 4.0 helps to monitor the performance of the machine which means tracking the status of the machine, whether the machine is running or is being idle, the machine monitors the speed, temperature, pressure and other parameters. The parameters which the machine can record and what is the purpose of the machine can be done easily.

If you can attach a sensor to a machine, on the level of its automation, one can track the functioning of the machine. Nowadays sensors can track many parameters as many as you desire. The data is recorded by a machine monitoring device and is recorded in the software. This also notifies the person who is operating the machine, so that he can take necessary action. The software cannot operate the machine as it has to be operated manually but it records all the working on the machine. Industry  4.0 is going to digitization and reducing the manpower.

The data on the devices is captured and and review periodically to review the performance of the machines. The software which is showing the data on the screen is designed by our specialized programmers who have been working on it for many years and made the software such which can solve all the digitize all the processes in the industry.

Your customer can exactly know how much material have been produced what is the quality and quantity and can track the material till the time of delivery and til it reaches the customer end. The software also automatically mails and places order for raw material to the vendor, the machine monitoring device tracks the production of the machine and automatically notifies the vendor of the order for the reorder quantity. Each part raw material is imprinted with a unique serial number carved on it as a bar code and that serial number is recorded in the software. If any part is defected its serial number is displayed in the report of defected items and you can check the same batch for the same defect in any other part and replace that parts. The vendor can also use this data to fix the issue. The vendor can also read this data and deducts the value of rejected parts. All the industries who are using industry 4.0 are into digitization and all their working are digitized and they have moved towards digitization.

Industry 4.0 Implementation

For implementation of Industry 4.0 two things are necessary:

  1. A machine monitoring device that monitors the data from the machine and stores that data in a common database.
  2. Software that displays the data stored in the database in an efficient manner.

For start using ERP first you need a machine monitoring device that collects the data from the machine and stores the data in the database once this is done you can use that data in any Industry 4.0 applications.

Industry 4.0 involves two different components, the first component involves hardware sensors and cloud computing, the second component involves software for running the company’s different departments: sales, finance, HR, manufacturing etc. The implementation of Industry 4.0 is done in multiple phases, and as you implement each phase you learn from your mistakes at each phase which fine tune the system at each phase.

The first three phases i.e. 1,2 and 3 involves installing the machine monitoring device that provides data to the software. In phase 2 and 3 involves production and productivity monitoring. After implementing these phases it monitors the data 24/7 and sends the data to the database. The last phase is to improve the functionality of the existing ERP or other software and helps to interact with the database.

GAPOSM enables the software to easily collude with the database of the machine monitoring system. It also enables Industry 4.0 to expand the industry at your own pace. Industry 4.0 helps to automize and monitor the processes in a manufacturing industry.  Once you implement Industry 4.0 in the industry you are sorted and you can sit and relax.

Advantages of Industry 4.0 are as follows:-

  1. Industry 4.0 helps the devices to communicate with each each other with the interference of any third person.
  2. One can monitor the working of the machine in real time and from anywhere and anytime.
  3. IOT helps to monitor the downtime, breakdown time, run time, stoppages, number of items made on the machine, etc.
  4. All the data is stored in database and monitored by a machine monitoring device which helps you to access the real time data and duplicacy is avoided, there is maximum utilization of resources, manpower and time.
  5. Industry 4.0 is one of the change in industry that helps to automize all the operations in the industry.

IOT and Industry 4.0

IOT is the short form for Internet of Things, Internet helps to make different devices communicate with each other using some standard protocols. This Internet has until now allowed only people to communicate with each other and to collect information which is known as Internet of People. For the past few years, things like sensors, manufacturing machines, cars, devices etc. have started communicating with each other. For example, the production on a machine can be monitored using a monitoring device which communicates with the software that displays the readings on the screen.

Internet of People is the past but Internet of Things is the new advanced version which helps devices to communicate with each other like when you are about to reach home and want your room to be cool the GPS system tracks your location and switches your AC on automatically. This is true example of devices communicating with each other.

We could think of Industry 4.0 as a ERP software which brings together many technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, sensors, IOT, cloud computing etc. Before the use of ERP there used to be different software’s for sales, finance, stores, payroll, HR, sales but these software didn’t interact with each other, the role of ERP was to bring these software’s at the same place and talk with each other using a common database. ERP software also increases efficiency and reduces manpower.

The origin of Industry 4.0 was with the German project to promote the computerization in manufacturing. This is the fourth Industrial revolution whereas the first revolution was mechanization by steam engines in 1800s, the second revolution was with electricity and the assembly line and the third revolution was with computers and now is the fourth revolution Industry 4.0.

We can say that Industry 4.0 is not a new technology but just binding of already existing technologies and allows them to communicate. Industry 4.0 applications can sense the physical environment, and take intelligent decisions and take action according to that decision. and this application is called Cyber-physical systems (CPS). Examples of CPS  are as follows: Auto-pilot mode in aircraft, driver less car etc.

Industry 4.0- Digitization in Manufacturing Technology

There have been changes in the industry regularly, the first change in revolution was industry 1.0 which included moving from hand production components to machines, the second industrial revolution was in 1870 which started the use of electricity, the third revolution in industry involved the use of electronic and IT systems and now comes the fourth revolution i.e. Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

It includes Internet of things, Internet of things (Iots) is the tangle of physical devices, home apparatus, and other items lodged with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity which enables these devices to link with each other and exchange data. The Iot network allows the objects to be sensed from your existing network.

Iots will  help to increase so much business value of the company that has lead to fourth revolution which is known as Industry 4.0. It is also estimated that Internet of things will take your business to another level and increase revenue by improving productivity. The potential of  the business will definitely improve with the implementation of Internet of things (Iots).

When the movement of machines, products, orders is observed from anywhere and anytime in a manufacturing industry there is increase in profit and productivity enhances. An Iot is an intelligent management system that requires no extra efforts. These Iots are inexpensive and are easily affordable for a manufacturing unit that will definitely increase the revenue of the industry. The Internet of things is the growing network of physical objects.

The term ‘Internet of things’ helps in computerization of manufacturing operations. The scope for internet connected devices is extensive.

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