Industry 4.0 creates a cyber twin for your factory / organization. Which means that all the processes as they happen in the real world can be digitally viewed and monitored and also acted upon from any where in the world.

The main purpose of Industry 4.0 is to enhance Productivity.

OSMTM does the same. In effect, it immediately transforms your Industry to I4.0.

OSMTM (Operating System for Manufacturing) is a collection of the best Industrial and Business practices followed internationally. These processes have been defined in the software. As such any organization that implements OSMTM does not need to redefine and document the processes. The implementation becomes easy as it is software driven. The data created as a side product of following the process is available for analysis, reporting and sharing with other persons who may need this information to forward their own process .

OSMTM has the ability to get high class performance from mediocre employees and of course extra high class performance from your smart and knowledgeable employees .

The NPD (New Product Development) module for instance, can convert your normal engineers into Product Designers. They will use the APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning) system for Product Design, Process Design, Development, Verification , Validation and Continuous Improvements. They will be able to get the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation all ready, and all this without having a deep knowledge of these subjects.

The same data that has been created during the Product Development is used subsequently by the PLM (Product Life Management) team, the Manufacturing team as well as the Quality Assurance team .

Your HR team is able to follow, implement and monitor the world best HR practices. Normally organizations hire expensive external consultants to help them formulate HR policies, procedures and manuals.

Your accounts executives become masters of finance and GST by using the Finance module of OSMTM .

Your Maintenance team can very easily implement TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) in your organization by using the TPM module .

Managing Legal Compliance , Control on Inventory (ITR), Managing your Assets, Improving your Business by NBD (New Business Development) module and almost all other processes required by an Organization can be done by using OSMTM .

The Advanced Visualization Dashboard (AVD) of OSMTM allows you to see all your critical and mission important measurable in one place. It also allows you to zoom in from the Macro level to the Micro level.

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