IOT and Industry 4.0

IOT is the short form for Internet of Things, Internet helps to make different devices communicate with each other using some standard protocols. This Internet has until now allowed only people to communicate with each other and to collect information which is known as Internet of People. For the past few years, things like sensors, manufacturing machines, cars, devices etc. have started communicating with each other. For example, the production on a machine can be monitored using a monitoring device which communicates with the software that displays the readings on the screen.

Internet of People is the past but Internet of Things is the new advanced version which helps devices to communicate with each other like when you are about to reach home and want your room to be cool the GPS system tracks your location and switches your AC on automatically. This is true example of devices communicating with each other.

We could think of Industry 4.0 as a ERP software which brings together many technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, sensors, IOT, cloud computing etc. Before the use of ERP there used to be different software’s for sales, finance, stores, payroll, HR, sales but these software didn’t interact with each other, the role of ERP was to bring these software’s at the same place and talk with each other using a common database. ERP software also increases efficiency and reduces manpower.

The origin of Industry 4.0 was with the German project to promote the computerization in manufacturing. This is the fourth Industrial revolution whereas the first revolution was mechanization by steam engines in 1800s, the second revolution was with electricity and the assembly line and the third revolution was with computers and now is the fourth revolution Industry 4.0.

We can say that Industry 4.0 is not a new technology but just binding of already existing technologies and allows them to communicate. Industry 4.0 applications can sense the physical environment, and take intelligent decisions and take action according to that decision. and this application is called Cyber-physical systems (CPS). Examples of CPS  are as follows: Auto-pilot mode in aircraft, driver less car etc.

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