What is ERP implementation?

ERP implementation is the most cumbersome task as it involves many important decisions to be taken which involves which ERP to select, how the ERP should be implemented and you must have a proper understanding of the existing system and should have knowledge about any process going on in the business. ERP software helps to reduce any business risks and drive many market opportunities.

More important than the ERP name and international footage is the proximity, approach ability and the willingness of the ERP provider to work with you to find in depth solutions for your problems.

The knowledge strength, specially the Domain knowledge of the ERP provider is very crucial to your successful implementation of the ERP.

The ERP itself should have the following strengths:  

  • Functionally deep.
  • Simple to use.
  • Accessible  from anywhere.
  • Data secure.
  • Quick to Implement.
  • Easy to configure for specific needs.
  • Helps companies to adopt best business practices.

ERP uses a database and variety of architecture to manage the organisation. ERP provides optimized solution to and covers implementation, consulting, operation and maintenance of enterprise users. They also provide technical support by providing solution to the problems of the customers.

What is ERP in business?

ERP in business helps in managing all the work involved in the business. Enterprise Resource Planning system is the system software that helps in all managerial work and back office operations. ERP software helps to tackle the needs of the business.  This eradicates the problem of coordinating changes between many systems.It provides an top-down view of the organisation so information is made available anytime and anywhere.

It helps in the integration of various departments which ensures proper communication between departments, increases productivity and efficiency. At first implementing ERPfor the first time is a difficult task. The time that is taken to implement ERP depends on the size of the business, the number of departments, magnitude of change and co-operation of customers to the project. Selecting a wrong ERP and a wrong provider for them can lead the business to loss.

ERP covers all basic functions in the organisation which helps to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve product quality, increase profit, improve information and performance management. ERP enables real time information availability  and reduction in inventory.

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