Online ERP

ERP can be operated from anywhere, anytime and can be operated from any device whether it is a tablet or a mobile. Online ERP stores all your data online and helps to take a record of all the data.

What is ERP?

Every organisation has a different and its own way to organize and run a business.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is business management software that manages all your business activities. ERP is one of the tools that prospers your business in every aspect. ERP in India helps to lower the burden of work that otherwise needs to be done and requires much time and effort and saves your efforts and time by reducing your manual work and time. ERP is a browser based software. It has been running for almost three decades and running very smoothly for these years. ERP provides the best of the solution to your business. Its not complex and not so easy and definitely needs an expert to manage it. It cannot be managed by a layman. This can definitely be an asset for your enterprise as it will surely increase your profits and decrease your expenses. It’s not just an ERP it is more than that it’s OSM (Operating System for Manufacturing).

What is OSM?

The Operating System for Manufacturing (OSM) is the framing for how an organisation translates its goals into actions where work is performed.

You definitely don’t want to be lacking in the fast growing technology so its never too late enjoy one of the best open-source OSM software ever. Our Operating System for Manufacturing can be modified as per your requirement but it definitely will prove a asset to you rather than a liability. It is one of the best OSM. The suites of an OSMTM are:

  • Payroll System
  • Sales
  • Human Resource Department
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • NPD (New Product Development)
  • PLM (Product Life Management)
  • Quality
  • Inventory Management etc.

OSM involves one team and one goal working for the same process. Operating system for Manufacturing is the operating system for the preservation of the industry that helps the organisation in all day to day activities and helps to grow the size of your company and increases the profits of the organisation. The best ERP in India is our ERP.

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