ERP system meaning

ERP meaning is explained in this article:-

ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning which is the shorter version of Operating system for Manufacturing (OSM) systems are core software programs used by companies to integrate and coordinate information in every area of the business. OSM programs help organizations manage company-wide business processes, using a common database.

OSM software supports the systematic operation of business processes by blending tasks related to sales, marketing, manufacturing, accounting —throughout a business. In addition to this cross-functional combination, which is the heart of an OSM system, companies connect their OSM systems, using various methods, to coordinate business processes.

OSM (Operating System for Manufacturing)

OSM is the operating system which enables you to run your business smoothly and efficiently in every aspect of the business. Operating system for Manufacturing increases the functionality and accessibility of the business processes. This operating system does not make your business complex but simplifies business in its own way.

The right to prosper in a business is the right of every person and OSM helps you in this it increases profits. Operating system for Manufacturing is company’s unique way of doing business. Operating system for Manufacturing that effectively operates attracts people more. It synchronizes work with achievement. OSM consists of logistics as well as non-logistics part of the industry.

The industry needs a solution that helps you to manage all the processes involved in the industry and integrates all the processes into a single process. GAP is providing open source ERP software which helps to manage the business. Why do manufacturers from different parts of the country demand for ERP so that they can keep their processes integrated which have been diversified. OSM also helps in faster decision making by the management.

Types of ERP systems

There are different types of ERP systems:-

They are categorized as Industry specific ERP, Web-based or Cloud ERP, ERP for small businesses.

Industry specific ERP- This ERP is specially designed for the manufacturing and distribution industries. This ERP as been used for decades and by more than 70,000 industries. It has been specially used by large organisations and can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Web-based or Cloud ERP- Web-based ERP, called as SaaS (Software as a Service) is now the new trend used by organisations to use ERP over the internet. The ERP software runs on a remote server which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device with an active internet connection. It is best suited for small and medium sized industries.

ERP for small businesses-  If small businesses need a solution for their sales and order management or for human resource then its no need to use the complete ERP solution then ERP for small business is an option. It provides solutions to your business that you can afford.

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