OSMTM stands for

OSM stands for Operating system for Manufacturing which helps to run all your business processes in a single software. An OSMTM software helps to control all the processes in the industry like HRD, Payroll, Sales, Finance, Purchase, NPD, Stores, QA, PLM, e-capa, Dashboard, TPM, Manufacturing, IGI, FGI, TechSupport, Document Control, Toolroom, PCMD, NBD. All these modules are designed to manage the processes involved in that department all you have to do is to give input and all the calculations are done by the software and it will give you the output. The design which is involved in the display is also very attractive which will attract your employees and it will make the interest of the users.ERP stands for

OSM system

OSM will help you to access real-time data from anytime and anywhere. The software uses only one database to store the data of all the processes. We also consider the OSM system as the manager or the heart beat of one’s business without which one’s business may die. One can manage all the assets of the company through OSM and can have the PQA Analysis of your business done by getting the complete picture of the business whether the business is going in loss or Profit.

Now you can implement in any kind of business whether it is an Manufacturing unit, Textile industry, Food Processing industry, Steel industry, Software, Chemical industry, any SME or large business enterprise, OSM is the one your business is looking for. If you have a Manufacturing unit then you can also use PCMD devices our product which is specially designed for the Manufacturing Industry to manage the production. One can have the view of production cycles, interval times, total production in the day or year, shortest cycle time, average cycle time, number of stoppages and the time duration of each stoppage, number of cycles run since the last reset etc. All this can be done by fitting a PCMD device ( Product Monitoring and Optimization System ) on the production machine and one can monitor all the working done on the machine on our OSM software which we have renamed and given the new name as OSM i.e. Operating System for Manufacturing which is specially designed for the Manufacturing Industry by the Manufacturing Industry. OSM software will help you to view all the working of the machine. Basically one can call OSM the big brother of ERP. OSM involves all the logistics as well as non-logistics part of the business. We have designed OSM to overcome the difficulties faced in a manufacturing industry.

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