ERP for Manufacturing industry in India

A Manufacturing industry is an industry which manufacturers products and the software which helps to manage all the manufacturing processes is ERP. Manufacturing industry is the growing industry and can be treated as one of the contributor to the growing economy. If the processes of a manufacturing industry are automatized then time and money will be saved and  will help to earn profit and reduce the expenses. ERP for Manufacturing industry is used to manage the processes of all the departments.

ERP organizes the functions of the company and it combines all the information of the company into a single unit and to achieve this ERP system will utilize both the computer software and hardware. ERP uses a central database and information from all the modules in that central database. One should choose an ERP solution which helps to migrate from one deployment solution to another. Cloud-based ERP is well documented, has greater reliability and lower management costs. ERP allows easy configuration to specific business needs. GAP OSM is specially designed for the manufacturing industry to manage and organize the processes in the industry. All the data is secure and can be managed anytime and anywhere. It automates the work flow of departments and allows easy flow of data with accuracy and speed. All the data can be arranged in an organised manner and can easily resolve all the queries and helps to make your decisions wisely and correctly. GAP OSM is the software which is specially designed for manufacturing industry and can control all the activities going on in the manufacturing industry. The software streamlines and manages the processes of the industry.

ERP terminology

ERP terminology is used as an planner to organize the business in a structured manner. Enterprise Resource Planning is the system software that also helps in Marketing of one’s business. Marketing is the important part of a business as it helps to survive in the growing competition. Marketing is also used to create, keep and satisfy the potential and new customers.

For marketing a product or a business you first need to know the benefits as well as the demerits of the product and you must be able to convince the customers to buy the product and how your product is unique and different from others. Marketing also include the process of convincing the customer. Without marketing the business is difficult to flourish as marketing is an important aspect of the business.

ERP helps in marketing process by maintaining a record of the targeted customers, the customers to be targeted, and the record of items obsoleted and the items which are in demand. Open Source ERP helps to have a PQ analysis of the business which analysis whether the business is going in loss or making profit. ERP improves and streamlines the business processes.

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