What is OSMTM?

OSMTM stands for Operating System for Manufacturing
Many resources are used to run a business:

  • Man
  • Machine
  • Money
  • Materials
  • Methods
  • Maintenance

In order to improve our profitability, we need to get the maximum output by putting in minimum resources. We need to improve upon the Effectiveness and Efficiency (E&E) of each resource.

ERP is a software that is the shorter version of OSMTM. This is what an Operating system for Manufacturing does.

  • An OSM software is an Operating System for your Business.
  • We provide one of the best OSMs.
  • It creates systems for all your business activities like Sales, Accounts, Purchase, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, HRD, Payroll etc.
  • Each Activity, although is handled individually is integrated in a way that a common centralized database is used to control and support all the activities.
  • This way, the data collected by one department is used by the other departments to make decisions or course corrections.
  • This helps in reducing your production time, development time,  enhancing your personal abilities and  giving you more time to think and to relax.
  • By improving your Production Efficiencies
  • By reducing your Rejections and Wastages
  • By reducing your cost of production as well as cost of Poor Quality.
  • It can reduce your Financial costs by reducing your Variable Assets:
    • Reduction in Inventories (improve ITR)
    • Improvement in Cash Collection from the Customers
    • Improved customer service and order fulfillment
    • Improved communication with suppliers and customers
    • Enhanced competitive position
    • Increase in  Sales, Decrease in Costs and Increase in Profits

ERP is the father of all software and will have a robust centralized solution which can handle various businesses, functions, solutions into one business. SMEs mostly have a perception that ERP is best suited for large scale industries due to high cost of implementation, complexity and maintenance cost but it is not true as ERP will help to manage all the processes.

Why ERP is required?

Major Reasons for Adopting ERP

  • To get a hold on your business processes. Increase your personal potential. Do much more in lesser time.
  • To adopt the best Business Practices.
  • Standardize and speed up operations and processes
  • Make the entire process transparent, making your Company “System Run” and not “Person dependent”.
  • Create an environment that makes business Profitable and Fun

These points answer the question why ERP is required?

How much should I be spending annually on OSM ?

It is not spending, but investing in OSM. An Operating system for Manufacturing would immediately give you returns on your investment. As a thumb rule, you ought to invest approx. 1 to 2 percent of your Turnover on OSM. You can definitely expect a gain in Profits that would be at least 3 to 5 times your investment in OSM.
Besides the financial gains, OSM also would help your Legal Compliance. ERP development is very important so that the business grows. Online ERP is secure and easy to access and implement. OSM is the advanced version of ERP and Operating system for Manufacturing is specially designed for the manufacturing industry.
ERP system increases efficiency by improving communication, and can do many other functions with minimum errors. This software collects, interprets and store large amount of data. This technology was also endorsed by the manufacturing industry because it solved a number of their operational problems, such as maintaining inventory and improving communication between departments. Since then, these ERP systems have evolved in such a way that they can benefit lots of different types of organizations. In the ERP system one can tend to organize the processes in the business organisation and enables one to predict the profit and loss of the company.
ERP has been the backbone of one’s business.
The art of performing actions of maintaining data in ERP is done manually. Order booking, receiving goods in FG, billing etc.
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