OSMTM can enhance your business by about a 100% and can make easy profits for your business and all the activities are managed easily by the OSMTM software. This software helps to easily streamline all the processes in the industry. With the help of OSMTM the departments can communicate with each other easily. All the data in the OSMTM software is secure and confidential. The data can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. In the event of any changes in the technology we are always upgraded to the changing technology.
GAPOSM is specially designed for the manufacturing industry and manages all the processes in the manufacturing industry. It handles logistics as well as non-logistics part of the industry. Logistics part consists of sales, purchase, accounts, inventory, payroll and CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) and the non-logistics part consists of Basic Infrastructure, Product Technology, Process Technology, Skill and Knowledge Base, Information Support and Optimization Level. Now let us identify how OSMTM handles non-logistics part of the industry:-

1. Basic Infrastructure: Basic Infrastructure includes plant, machine and manpower. For the management of plant GAPOSM has TPM module. For the management of machine there is PLM, Tool Room and TPM module. There is HRD and Payroll module for the management of manpower.
2. Product Technology: The module that handles product technology are PLM, Quality and NPD module.
3. Process Technology: For Process Technology we have the following modules i.e. PLM, Manufacturing, Quality and PMS.
4. Skill and Knowledge Base: For skill and knowledge base we have HRD and behavior competency.
5. Information Support: The reporting in every module is used for information support.
6. Optimization Level: This includes planning and development.
The processes which are involved in this departments are all managed through the OSMTM software. The input and output of the processes is also controlled through this software.
If all the processes are managed through a single software then there is no need of different software to manage different processes i.e. for accounting you don’t need any accounting software you can handle all your sales, accounts, purchase through a single software.
GAPOSM is the master of all the software’s. This software has the ability to have the real-time view of your business. The OSMTM software acts as a glue that binds different systems of a large organization.
Sometimes the cost spent on OSMTM may overrun the actual cost, but it’s all worth it as all the expenses are for the good and profit of the business.

The flavors which are put together in OSMTM they make a perfect dish which is ready to serve to anyone. There is also some sweetness and some sourness which means that OSMTM software will give you good results with little bit of sourness, i.e. hardwork which means you have to systematically plan your business and identify the present and the future scenario of your business. The structure of the business is made simpler and organized through OSMTM and the working becomes more simpler and faster which further helps in faster decision – making. There is consistency and reliability in the business which in the longer run helps to gain in business.

Challenges faced by GAP OSM:-

In the beginning there were many challenges faced by the GAP Team:

  • The major challenge which our team faced was to bring all the departments at the same level as every department works independently and to link these departments was a challenge .
  • There is lack of budgeting for the OSMTM in many industries owners think that spending on OSMTM is just a waste of money and they do not keep any budget for it.
  • If you want that our system yields result and start giving you results your employees need a complete system training that how will the system work and they should be encouraged to use the OSM system.
  • There is need of having a complete clarity about the structure of the business so that it can help you to choose the right OSMTM.