Open source ERP

Open source ERP software is used by industries to manage their regular work and regulate their activities.

A business organisation face several risks when they migrate to an OSMTM system.

Those risks include:

Single point of failure : Since all the data and transactions processing within an organisation is done within a single system. Structural changes significant personnel and organizational structures changes associates with re-engineering or redesigning business processes.

Job role changes : Transition from user’s roles to empowered-based roles with greater access to enterprises information.

Online and real-time : An online real-time system requires a  environment which are able to utilize the capabilities of ERP and responding quickly to any problem requiring of re-entry of information.

Changing management: ERP users must understand that whatever action they perform will have a direct impact on the other users so they should be more efficient and hard-working in their performance in their regular work.

To overcome these issues we have created an Operating system for Manufacturing which is the solution to all your above issues. This includes the areas of work which are not included in ERP. These areas are-

  1. New Product Development
  2. Product life Management
  3. Calibration of equipment
  4. Process Capability studies
  5. Total Productive Maintenance
  6. Legal Compliance
  7. Data and Knowledge capturing
  8. HRD
  9. Legal Compliance
  10. Activity based Management
  11. Product Costing
  12. Operational efficiency Monitoring
  13. Dynamic Inspection

There has been a need of a system which helps to cater all the processes of an operating system. You can also track faster the production to the end-user and is a added advantage to the enterprise.

ERP training

When a company wants to use ERP then the user who is using ERP must be provided with ERP training. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning and is used by most of the companies to manage their daily ongoing work.

ERP has the potential to overcome all the drawbacks of your business activities involved in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing ERP  is ERP for the manufacturingindustry and has been retrieving results for the past twenty years. ERP has been extended to take the shape of an operating system which has been named as Operating system for Manufacturing which is the new registered trademark. Now ERP is not just ERP but is more to it and has taken the shape of OSM.

Operating system for manufacturing is an operating system that covers all the aspects of the business entity. The activities that are covered under OSM are as follows-

  • Management of employees
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Managing sales process
  • Managing accounts and finance
  • New Product Development
  • Product Life Management
  • Document control
  • Legal Compliance
  • Collective and Preventive Maintenance
  • Problem solving
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