Enterprise Resource Planning

A Enterprise Resource Planning systematically plan your business in an organised and structured manner. It not only covers the planning but also organizing and structurally planning the business. The organised and structurally planned business can prosper and make profit in the long run of the business.

ERP’s extended version is OSM (Operating system for Manufacturing) The various modules which are available in the OSM are as follows:

  1. Sales
  2. Finance
  3. New Product Development
  4. Stores
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Purchase
  7. HRD
  8. Dashboard
  9. Payroll
  10. Manufacturing etc.

OSMTM the need of every business

OSMTM is Operating system for Manufacturing it is an operating system that customize your manufacturing process in a systematic manner. It organizes all the business processes in a organised manner and handles these processes in a fast and effortless manner.

Why OSMTM (Operating system for Manufacturing) has become the need of every business process or activity:

  • OSMTM generates profits from your investments.
  • OSMTM maintains the documents and policies at one place and with one goal.
  • OSMTM allows easy flow of information among various departments. It facilitates easy and fast sharing of data and information.
  • Easy access to reliable, unified information
  • Rationalization of processes
  • Fast and more productivity.
  • OSMTM helps you become the market leader among the global markets.
  • OSMTM helps in building knowledge-based and interactive relations with its customers.

OSMTM has been the essential part of many business activities in an industry. ERP has the potential to share a common database for all the modules. ERP can be viewed as five different prospective. First of all it is a system for management of data the second is that all the modules are sharing the same database in the organisation. The third is manufacturing knowledge and the fourth one is business communication tool and finally the last one ERP is a knowledge management system.

ERP is the shorter version of OSM and can be very much helpful in handling the processes involved in the industry. As all the data is available online it is easily accessible by the ERP users of the various departments. Now to get the access of the data stored all you need to do is to enter your login id and password provided to you by the organisation. If the data is updated in one department it must be updated in all the areas of the department where it affects the organisation.

The data retrieved should be precise and accurate depending on the input given to the software. ERP allows you to connect with the real-time data and this data can be transacted in various ways. The way ERP can handle all your problems no one else can. The modules of ERP which are logistic as well as non-logistic are also included therefore it has been named as Operating system for Manufacturing. OSM which is short for Operating system for Manufacturing and which has been managing the operation of a manufacturing industry. ERP is important to a company as it will help manage all the processes of the company. The importance of ERP can be realized from the growing competition.

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