We believe... If organizations can spend less of their time and effort in maintaining day-to-day operations, by investing wisely in a good Operating System for Manufacturing (OSM), then they could invest more time and effort in the organization's growth and future. Enterprise Resource planning is abbreviated as ERP and can be extended to form an operating system for manufacturing.

Corporate Overview

Gilard Application Programmers ( G.A.P LLP ) is a subsidiary of Gilard Electronics Pvt.Ltd..

While Gilard was established in 1961, G.A.P LLP came to existence  in 2016. The team that works at G.A.P OSMTM however is the same that has led Gilard for more than 3 decades. The Systems Knowledge for Quality Management as well as for Software development and the Domain knowledge in Manufacturing  and the understanding of the global best business practices have been the hallmark of Gilard and now also available to G.A.P LLP.

G.A.P LLP's  Value Proposition

We strive to see that every installation of  G.A.POSMTM is a success. This  involves a preliminary audit (ERA: ERP Readiness Audit) of the potential client to check his preparedness for successful OSMTM implementation. We reserve our rights to refuse a customer if he is found not adequately prepared. Once we have accepted a customer, then we  put in all our efforts, which  include training, data migration, auditing, process refinements and filling his gaps identified during the ERA to ensure successful implementation.

We add Value to your Business.

What is Operating system for Manufacturing?

Operating system for Manufacturing is an operating system which is specially designed for the manufacturing industry so that all the processes in the industry are streamlined.
An Enterprise Resource Planning system is an smaller version of OSM i.e. Operating system for Manufacturing. G.A.P OSM is not just ERP it is more than that. OSM contains the logistics part as well as the non-logistics part of the organisation.

Community Involvement

Our parent Company, Gilard takes its responsibilities towards its Employees and Society very seriously. We have a Team EHSAS (Environment, Health, Safety And Society) in Gilard that takes up activities to support various causes. Will to serve the ones in need, came as a natural progression.This is a campaign which enables Team EHSAS of Gilard to make a difference each year. It brings together the families of employees, to raise awareness about environment. Various competitions are held in the month of June every year, amongst Gilard’s employees and their families to focus on the environment.